The AVIOELECTRONICS TRAINING DEPARTMENT is dedicated to providing outstanding flight and maintenance training enabling our customers to achieve the highest

Logistic Support

Avioelectronics has consolidated experience in providing forefront strategies for military and civilian systems. Our support is carefully designed in order to

Maintenance activities

Maintenance, repair and overhaul of Anti Tank System MILAN (MEST 2/3) Maintenance, repair and overhaul of units and sub-assemblies of

Design & development activities in military programs

AVIOELECTRONICS participated in several military programs with the task to design, develop and manufacture advanced electronic equipments. C.A.M.U. EFA Program

Renewable Energy Sources, Security systems, Training

For companies that need to reduce the cost of management to have more free resources to invest in its core

Avionic Shop

No matter where you want your business to go, Avioelectronics solutions can help you get there… Please enter in our