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Welcome in our corporate web site

AVIOELECTRONICS, a new branch of Ce.s.i.s. S.r.l. (since 1982) and Aviocesis S.r.l. (since 2003), was established in 2003 and carries out its own activity in electronics and aerospace field. AVIOELECTRONICS has reached a prominent position with successful results in development and revision of electronic and electro-mechanical systems, in addition to the training and the organization of an efficient logistic support service, specially focused to Air Forces needs, that is offered both to national and international Customers.

Our organization

  1. Development and revision of electronic and electro-mechanical systems in the military (airborne, terrestrial and aerospace)
  2. Renewable energy sources, security systems and trainings

For further and detailed information consult our company profile.

Our activities

In compliance with the high quality standard of our company, the activities carried out by AVIOELECTRONICS are:

  • design/retrofit/reverse engineering/upgrade of electronic systems for terrestrial, marine and aviation use
  • design and manufacturing of test benches
  • repair, overhaul and maintenance of avionic equipments
  • service of logistic support and service providing.

Main customers

  • A.M.I.
  • M.B.D.A.
  • N.A.M.S.A.
  • N.A.F. (Nigerian Air Force)
  • ZETRO SERVICES (Royal Malaysian Air Force)
  • A.E.T.S.L.
  • N.A.T.O.
  • E.I.
  • M.M.I.

Avionic Products

Avioelectronics has a great knowledge for designing, development, repairing and upgrading of AGE, ATE, STTE! Avionics Products List

Mantainance, Repair and Certification

Avioelectronics is already expert in technical mantainance, repair and certification of avionic units. Capability List

Renewable Energy

For companies that need to reduce the cost of management to have more free resources to invest in its core business, the Energy Management is a key point. We offers an integrated system solutions for the production of renewable energy and for the adjustment to the current rules on energy saving.


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No matter where you want your business to go, Avioelectronics solutions can help you get there.

Our Team

Giorgia Giuliani
Giorgia Giuliani
Direzione Commerciale
Carlo Giuliani
Carlo Giuliani
Accountable Manager
Davide Giuliani
Davide Giuliani
Direzione Commerciale